ExpressAnalyst: a unified platform for RNAseq analysis

1. Raw data processing

You can access both online or its Docker version for local processing.

2. Statistical & functional analysis

You can submit the Seq2Fun output file S2fid_abundance_table_all_samples_submit_2_expressanalyst.txt to ExpressAnalyst for comprehensive data analysis and visual exploration, such as identification of differentially expressed genes, KEGG pathway analysis, GO analysis, et al.

  1. Select Specify organism -> Generic/Species independant
  2. Select Data type -> Bulk RNA-seq data (counts)
  3. Select ID type -> Seq2Fun Ortholog ID
  4. Select Gene-level summarization -> Sum or Mean
  5. Data File -> Choose file
  6. Click Submit button to upload;
  7. Click Proceed button to proceed to data analysis