Welcome to the Seq2Fun!

Seq2Fun is an ultrafast, all-in-one functional profiling tool for RNA-seq data analysis for organisms without reference genomes.

Key features of Seq2Fun

  • Ultra-fast: > 120 times faster (~ 2 million reads / minute) than the conventional RNA-seq workflow.
  • Extremely low memory cost: consumes as little as 2.27 GB memory and can run on a standard PC with 8 threads and 16 GB memory.
  • Highly efficient: finish a typical RNA-seq dataset within several hours on a standard PC in stead of several days or even weeks by conventional RNA-seq workflow on a high-performance server.
  • Reference-free: does not require the genome or transcriptome reference of the organism; it is also transcriptome de novo assembly-free.
  • Highly accurate: generates KO abundance with R2 value as high as 0.93 comparing with the ground truth.
  • High coverage: conducts gene quantification covering all the protein-coding genes.
  • High resolution: generates gene abundance table at ortholog level.
  • Multiple functional summaries: summarizes gene functional at ortholog, KO and GO level.
  • All-in-one: directly takes raw RNA-seq reads as input and output gene abundance table without any intermediate file writing and loading, making I/O very efficient.
  • Multifunctional: generates several levels of output files, including ortholog abundance table, a html report summarizing these tables and reads quality check, as well as output mapped clean reads for further analysis such as gene assembly.
  • Target gene assemble: supports mapped reads extraction and de novo assemble for the target genes.
  • Highly flexible: supports RNA-seq analysis on particular genes or groups of organisms using customized database.
  • Easy to use: requires minimal programing skills.

News and Updates

  • 02-17-2023 - migrate databases to expressanalyst.
  • 08-29-2022 - seq2fun_v2.0.5 released.
  • 08-01-2022 - seq2fun_v2.0.4 released.
  • 07-26-2022 - updated databases based on phylogenetic analysis.
  • 03-06-2022 - changed networkanalyst to expressanalyst for downstream analysis and update core orthologs.
  • 03-02-2022 - added more prebuilt databases
  • 02-27-2022 - seq2fun_v2.0.3 released (added core ortholog genes to the abundant table)
  • 01-27-2022 - seq2fun_v2.0.2 released (removal of empty columns in output files)
  • 12-22-2022 - seq2fun_v2.0.0 released (supporting high-resolution mapping with ortholog database)
  • 08-30-2021 - seq2fun_v1.2.5 released
  • 08-23-2021 - seq2fun_v1.2.4 released
  • 06-18-2021 - seq2fun_v1.2.3 released
  • 05-06-2021 - seq2fun_v1.2.2 released
  • 03-31-2021 - seq2fun_v1.2.1 released
  • 03-26-2021 - seq2fun_v1.2.0 released
  • 03-22-2021 - seq2fun_v1.1.4 released
  • 01-14-2021 - seq2fun_v1.1.2 released
  • 12-06-2020 - seq2fun_v1.1.0 released
  • 08-24-2020 - seq2fun_v1.0.0 released

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Citing Seq2Fun

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Peng Liu, Jessica Ewald, Jose Hector Galvez, Jessica Head, Doug Crump, Guillaume Bourque, Niladri Basu, Jianguo Xia. (2021) “Ultrafast functional profiling of RNA-seq data for nonmodel organismsGenome Research (10.1101/gr.269894.120)