Downstream analysis

We provide a website-based analysis tool for a comprehensive downstream data analysis and visual exploration (such as identification of differentially expressed KOs, pathway analysis, GO analysis, et al).
You can submit the Seq2Fun output file All_sample_ko_abundance_table_submit2networkanalyst.txt to our website-based tool NetworkAnalyst for downstream analysis.

  1. Select Specify organism -> KEGG ortholog (generic)
  2. Select Data type -> Bulk RNA-seq data (counts)
  3. Select ID type -> KEGG orthologs (KO)
  4. Select Gene-level summarization -> Sum
  5. Data File -> Choose file
  6. Click Submit button to upload;
  7. Click Proceed button to proceed to data analysis

That's it! Let us know if you have any comments.

Please be noted that this downstream analysis by our NetworkAnalyst is optional, you can always use your method to do the downstream analysis.